About Clinica Refractiva Navex

Clínica Refractiva Navex is a modern refractive surgery center located in San José, Costa Rica. The Clinic is owned and operated by its close team of vastly-experienced surgeons, who have more than 16 years of laser vision correction surgery . Collectively they have more than 100 years of ophthalmology experience, dedication to his successful careers and to his large group of patients.

More than 20,000 successful refractive surgeries performed until this date, have proven that Clinica Refractiva Navex is one Center of Excellece for Custom LASIK surgery not only in Costa Rica but also in Cental America. Our state-of-the-art technology, excimer laser Nidek EC 5000, our quality control program, our administrative staff, our technicians all come together to reassure our commitment to our patients and your visual health.

We encourage you to know more about us, please contact us with your questions, medical needs or any information you may need on refractive surgery.

2 thoughts on “About Clinica Refractiva Navex

  1. Agradecería información sobre la cirugía a láser , es para mi esposo. El tiene diabetes, esta controlado.
    Donde están ubicados?

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