After LASIK Care

The day of your procedure:


Your procedure will take about 10 minutes per eye. After your procedure, you will rest your eyes in an exam room for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then, the doctor will conduct a slit lamp exam and answer any questions before you leave.    Jonathan Cantillo paciente Dr. Rojas 4 oct 2013


Post-Operative DropsGo directly home to relax. Try to sleep or rest with the eyes closed for at least 2 hours. You will have a prescription for two sleep tablets to take if needed. Take one tablet when you get home. If you are not asleep within one hour, take the second tablet. Otherwise, you may use the second tablet at bedtime if needed. You will begin your regimen of drops after.

You should limit “screen time” the day of your procedure (i.e. minimal use of computers and cell phones, and limited reading or tv viewing). You will need to keep your shields on the entire first day. Sleep in your shield for the next first four nights.


The first day after of your procedure:


The eyes may be sensitive to touch, scratchy, and light sensitive. The eyes may also be red. These symptoms will subside as the eye heals. Vision may be slightly blurry and may fluctuate. This usually improves as the eye heals over the next week. If you notice occasional blurriness, it helps to use the preservative-free artificial tears provided in your post-operative kit to keep the eye well lubricated.



Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

It is not uncommon to have a subconjunctival hemorrhage after your procedure. Seeing a subconjunctival hemorrhage on your eye can be alarming. Yet, it is actually a common minor occurrence. It is always harmless and will heal on its own. It does not affect vision and generally does not cause pain. There are usually no sensations or symptoms, other than the appearance of the red spot. In fact, you may not even be aware that you have a subconjunctival hemorrhage until someone points it out or you look in the mirror.


Do not remove your goggles until you get up in the morning after your procedure. You do not need to wear your shields to your appointment the next day. No water should get in the eyes for one week. You may shower, but keep your eyes closed when washing hair and rinsing so that the water runs toward the back of your head. Also, try to aim the flow of water lower than your eyes. Gently pat-wash with a clean cloth around the eyes.


No eye make-up or mascara should be worn for 1 week. After 1 week, you may wear make-up that is easily removed with soap and water.


No motorcycling, boating, horseback riding, swimming, or tanning bed for 2 weeks. Avoid getting dust or dirt in the eye. This will irritate the eye as well as increase your risk of infection. If dust does get in your eye, use preservative-free artificial tears to flush it. Wear safety glasses or sports goggles when participating in contact sports or doing work during which foreign matter may get into your eyes. Do not rub or push on your eyes.

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  1. me realize la cirugia hace poco,con uds tengo un par de consultas

    1-Todavia siento que no tengo la vista el 100 % cuanto tiempo dura para llegar a este porcentaje
    2-podia utilizar la computadora despues de la operacion.?
    3-Cada cuanto se hecha la gota de antibiotico y cada cuanto se hecha la de lagrimas artificiales

    • Hola Gustavo:
      Con mucho gusto ya te hemos enviado la respuesta a tu email. Estamos para servirte con mucho gusto.

  2. En mi casa hay aire acondicionado se puede usar despues de la operacion.
    El uso de la computadora se puede o hasta cuando ya que ese es mi trabajo con computadoras. La recuperacion es total de la vista . Y en cuanto tiempo.

    • Hola Emilia:
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  3. En mi trabajo debo usar la computadora la mayor parte del día, mi idea es que me realicen la cirugía y no tener que faltar a mi trabajo, hay alguna contraindicación al respecto?

    • Hola Kattia:
      Con mucho gusto hemos enviado la respuesta a su email. Estamos para servirle, nuestro teléfono es el 2290-3950

  4. Buenos dias, tengo toda la mañana de estar llamándolos pero no me contestan, solo timbra y timbra y nada o sale ocupado, quisiera tener una cita para la valoración y asi saber si me pueden operarar y quiero aprovechar la oferta del 50% tengo 23 años, y padezco de miopía y astigmatismo

  5. Hola quisiera saber el precio de la operacion , y las restricciones de la promocion del 50% de descuento con tarjetas del BN, ademas del precio de la consulta

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