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Custom LASIK Conventional LASIK transformed ophthalmology when it became widely available as a vision correction procedure. Custom LASIK surgery has taken the advances of conventional LASIK many steps further by allowing surgeons to correct visual aberrations that previously could not be addressed with traditional LASIK surgery.Custom LASIK eye surgery offers patients a better chance of achieving visual acuity superior to that provided by contacts or glasses. Clinica Refractiva Navex has the mission to provide outstanding care and service with the best technology available, in a setting designed to make custom LASIK procedure a life enhancing experience. You can find the eye specialist you need.

Clinica Refractiva Navex can help you find an experienced and skilled eye care specialist today.

What is Custom LASIK?

In the past, LASIK eye surgery was based simply on your prescription: whether you were nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic, and your degrees of each. However, excellent vision is also dependent on higher-order aberrations — more complicated and personalized visual imperfections that affect the crispness and clarity of your vision. New custom LASIK technology is able to diagnose and treat these visual imperfections like never before. Custom LASIK eye surgery has the same mechanical components of traditional LASIK, but is fully personalized and guided by a detailed Wavefront™ map of your eyes.

Candidates for Custom LASIK Surgery

ind out if you are a candidate for custom LASIK. Various medical conditions, eye diseases, and medications can affect your custom LASIK candidacy. Other determining factors include the stability of your refractive error, your age, and certain aspects of your eye’s anatomy. Learn more about custom LASIK candidacy.

Risks and Benefits of Custom LASIK

Like any surgery, custom LASIK has its risks. However, custom LASIK also produces better visual improvement than one-size-fits-all LASIK procedures, and has a lower incidence of undesirable side effects such as halos and glare. Learn more about custom LASIK risks and custom LASIK benefits.

The Custom LASIK Procedure

If you are curious about the process of undergoing custom LASIK surgery, you are not alone. Custom LASIK is an innovation in vision correction that lets LASIK surgeons provide customized, precise treatment based on a detailed map of the patient’s visual irregularities. Learn more about the custom LASIK procedure.

Custom LASIK Systems

There are numerous FDA-approved custom LASIK systems currently used in the United States. These computer-guided systems carry out the custom LASIK procedure based on the Wavefront™ map of your eyes’ specific irregularities. However, each system is unique. Learn more about custom Wavefront™ LASIK systems.

Wavefront™ Technology

Custom LASIK is made possible by Wavefront™ technology, which is able to diagnose, measure, and map out your eyes’ irregularities to an unprecedented degree, paving the way to custom corneal reshaping. Learn more about the history and science behind Wavefront™ LASIK technology. Custom LASIK FAQs Do you have questions about custom LASIK? Do you wonder whether you may need glasses after custom LASIK surgery, whether custom LASIK is more effective than traditional LASIK, or whether insurance will cover your procedure? These questions, and many more, are answered on our custom LASIK FAQ page. Custom

LASIK Cost and Financing

With a little strategics, custom LASIK can be within your financial reach. Read about the cost breakdown of custom LASIK, tips for finding a great price for custom LASIK eye surgery, and methods of distributing the cost of the procedure over time. Read more about custom LASIK costs and financing strategies.

Custom LASIK Statistics

What sort of outcomes does custom LASIK produce? Is it really more effective than traditional LASIK? Learn about the clinical results of custom LASIK eye surgery, as well as the procedure’s outcomes compared with those of other vision correction methods. Read more about custom LASIK surgery statistics.

Choosing a Custom LASIK Surgeon

Selecting a qualified surgeon for your custom LASIK procedure is the key to a successful surgery that will have you seeing clearly for many years. When selecting a LASIK surgeon, there are certain things to look for: the doctor’s qualifications, education, surgical specialties, familiarity with custom LASIK systems, and more. Read more about choosing a custom LASIK surgeon.

Locate a Custom LASIK Surgeon in Your Area

A LASIK surgeon can provide more detailed information about custom LASIK. To discover how custom LASIK eye surgery can give you truly exceptional vision contact our experienced and skilled refractive surgeons. Clínica Refractiva Navex has the mission to provide outstanding care and service with the best technology available, in a setting designed to make custom LASIK procedure a life enhancing experience. You can find the eye specialist you need.

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