Happy Holidays

We want to wish you and your dear family Happy Holidays. May you be bless with prosperity, peace, love, unity and health.

From each and everyone of us we want to thank you for been our patient and for trusting us with your eyes.

May 2013 bring you all the best!

Again thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy  New Year from:

Dr. José Manuel  Marbis Gazel, Dr. José Manuel Rojas Zorrilla, Dr. Guillermo Tapia Campos, Dr. Luis Enrique Villalobos Gómez, Dra Adriana Van der Laat Rocha and Dr. Manrique Ortiz Stradtmann.

Natalia Solano Rosales, Viviana Quirós Aguilar, Sindy Arias Villalobos, Paola Mora Sandoval, Yelenny López García,  Vanessa Madrigal Araya, Graciela Sandí Delgado,  Vivian Herrera A., Martha Corrales Gamboa, Nubia Marchena Rojas,  Maribel Umaña Ortega, Marianela Cascante Quirós and Alejandra Rodríguez Vega.

*Painting Natividad, José Campeche

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