Keratoconus Surgery

Is a condition that alters the shape of the cornea, the clear window of the eye. In keratoconus the cornea tends to be thin and its shape resembles a cone or a nipple. Patients usually notice reduced vision, mostly due to astigmatism. It is more common in young men, commonly in the second or third decade of life.

The diagnosis is made clinically and with a special test called corneal topography, which maps out the altered shape of the cornea and allows for planning of the treatment. Initially the treatment is usually with glasses. In some patients the condition progresses and they will need to use contact lenses.
In a small percentage of patients, surgery may be required if the condition worsens. Recent surgical advances in the treatment of this condition have shown good results with the use of Intrastromal Corneal Rings, Partial-Thickness Corneal Transplant (Deep Lamellar Keratoplasty) or the standard Full-Thickness Corneal Transplant. 
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Regular eye checks are required to ensure the patient has optimal vision

2 thoughts on “Keratoconus Surgery

  1. Buenas Tardes
    Tengo queratoconos desarrollados desde los 16 años ahora tengo 35, desde los 17 uso lentes de contacto de gas permeable pero ahora uso lentes suaves y encina anteojos por que ya no soporto los rígidos
    Quiero operarme y quiero saber cuánto cuesta el procedimiento y lo más importante si de puede hacer

    • Hola Maritza:

      Con mucho gusto nuestro especialista en queratocono Dr. José Manuel Rojas está a tus ordenes para ayudarte con tu problema. Puedes obtener una cita con él al 2208-8118. Con mucho gusto te hemos enviado la información a tu email. Saludos!

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