LASIK Technology

Advances in LASIK technology, including custom Wavefront™ LASIK, afford patients options that provide a higher level of safety and accuracy than was possible in the past. Custom LASIK technology offers patients an even more personalized form of vision correction. With the custom LASIK systems, both lower and higher-order aberrations can be corrected, allowing patients to achieve better visual results than they would with traditional LASIK surgery. Learn more Wavefront™-guided technology, and the custom LASIK systems that are FDA-approved and available for use with LASIK surgeons.

At Clinica Refactiva Navex we use state of the art technology and our patients can know the results of their surgeries before it is performed.

Clinica Refractiva Navex can help you find a eye care specialist today.

What is Wavefront™ Custom LASIK?

Also known as Wavefront™ or Wavefront™-guided LASIK, custom LASIK surgery incorporates the use of microsensors and wavelight directed from a laser beam through the eye to the retina. This light is reflected back out of the eye, allowing corneal irregularities to be measured on a 3-D map, which serves as a blueprint for your eye. The recorded aberrations of your visual system are then transferred to the actual laser that is used to reshape the cornea during LASIK surgery, providing the most accurate and precise results achieved by any laser vision correction system.


The IntraLASIK procedure is similar to traditional LASIK in that it involves corneal reshaping. The difference, however, is the method used to create the flap during the first part of the procedure. During traditional LASIK surgery, refractive surgeons use the microkeratome, a blade, to create the corneal flap. In the IntraLASIK procedure, the surgeon uses the Intralase laser to separate the flap.

Although, this "bladeless" LASIK in an option, this procedure has a few disadvantages with the the microkeratome method which is generally faster and more comfortable for the patient. The microkeratome procedure typically lasts about three seconds, compared with 15-20 seconds with IntraLase®. In addition, less suction is necessary with the microkeratome procedure, and less inflammation occurs afterward.

Locate a Surgeon Who Employs the Latest Technology

Does Wavefront™-guided LASIK sounds like the solution to your vision problems? Clinica Refractiva Navex is a refractive surgery center and offers you skilled and experience eye specialist.

The team of doctors at Clinica Refractiva Navex have more than 15 years of experience with LASIK surgery (More than 10,000 surgeries successfully done). They are pioneers in Costa Rica with this procedure and use state of the art technology (Wavefront™-guided LASIK ). They have continuing education program and give top of the line maintenance to their latest generation excimer laser.

Find a LASIK surgeon today.

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