Read LASIK reviews from patients who underwent Laser vision correction surgery. LASIK testimonials provide prospective candidates with firsthand information about other patients’ LASIK experiences.

Clinica Refractiva Navex can help you find an experienced and skilled eye care specialist today.

Alexandra, age 22

Being able to wake up every morning and actually see the alarm clock is something that I thought would never happen again to me. Since my experience with LASIK, I feel that I have been blessed with a miracle.

Max, age 42

LASIK changed my life! Because I was blind without my glasses, I was concerned that in an emergency situation (if I couldn’t find my glasses) I wouldn’t be able to help my loved ones or myself.

Roberto, age 34

A few hours after the surgery I removed the protective glasses, looked at a tree in the distance (200-300 yards away), and tried to focus on the fine structure of its leaves. To my surprise I was able to see almost every leaf, the different shades of green, and the tiny vibrations in the wind. My limitations were gone, making me feel younger, and giving me a future filled with clear horizons.

David, age 31

I wanted to get LASIK performed because contacts irritated my eyes and I didn’t like wearing my glasses while playing sports or going out. Now that I have had the LASIK procedure, I can see the ball clearly, and I don’t have to worry about breaking my glasses. When I go out at night, I can look my best without having to squint to see things. I also like being able to wear regular sunglasses when it’s nice out, instead of paying to get special prescription ones made.

Find a LASIK Surgeon

Clinica Refractiva Navex can help you find a experienced and skilled eye care specialist today.

The team of doctors at Clinica Refractiva Navex have more than 15 years of experience with LASIK surgery, they have perform more than 10,000 successful surgeries They are pioneers in Costa Rica with this procedure and use state of the art technology (Wavefront™-guided LASIK ). They have continuing education program and give the best maintenance and regular calibration to their latest generation excimer laser Nidek EC5000.

Clínica Refractiva Navex has the mission to provide outstanding care and service with the best technology available, in a setting designed to make custom LASIK procedure a life enhancing experience. You can find the eye specialist you need.

6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Me ciento muy feliz y satisfecha de mi cirugía le doy infinitas gracias a Dios por darme la oportunidad de haberme realizado la cirugía y por poner en mi camino al Doctor Marbis el cual me atendió excelente y me ayudo a eliminar mis temores, me la realice el pasado 23 de Octubre tengo un mes no les niego estaba muy nerviosa pero fue todo un éxito me ciento otra persona feliz de tener una excelente vision yo no tuve dolor solamente mis ojos quedaron muy deshidratados y uso las lagrimas artificiales y estoy muy bien, motivo a todos los que quieran y tienen posibilidades de realizarse la cirugía lo hagan no se van a repentir creo que e realizado mi mejor inversión.

  2. Hace 3 meses me realice la cirugía lasik personalizada,para corregir un problema de astigmatismo,cansado de usar los lentes de contacto, debido a todo el proceso y cuidado que se deben de tener al usarlos.Hoy estoy sumamente agradecido con el Dr José Manuel Marbis ya que los resultados son increibles, mi visión es perfecta.desde el mismo dia que me realizaron la cirugía 8 hrs despues ya disfrutaba del resultado,

    • Hola Joseiro, muchas gracias por compartir tu valioso testimonio con nosotros. Nos alegra saber que tu visión haya quedado perfecta y nos complace tenerte como paciente. Saludos!

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