Phaco Refractive Surgery

This modern surgical procedure is intended to rectify the cataract and correct the refractive error of the patient (myopia, astigmatism and farsightedness). This implanted folding intraocular lenses or multifocal lenses allow distant vision, mid-term and close vision  without the help of eyeglasses. Clínica Refractiva Navex can help you contact a specialist in phaco refractive  surgery today.

Correct practically any condition in the eyes was never so easy. The Phaco Refractive  surgery lasts about 20 minutes, although the entire process can last an hour and a half. On the same day, after a little while, patients see clearly than before, or better said, improve their vision.
Our specialists in Clínica Refractiva Navex are experts in Phaco Refractive Surgery, contact us today and get more information. We invite you to continue reading more about this information on the pages bellow.
Another good news is that the anesthetics for this surgery requires only drops directly applied to the eye, and the person is fully awake and conscious. In addition to correct a problem of cataract, the surgery deletes existing defects like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Exams Needed

Before you can undergo the procedure, the doctor specialist must review the topography of the cornea, the length of the eye and the corneal thickness to verify that all this measurements are right for surgery. Patients, for example, who are hypertensive or diabetic can be safely operated. Although the majority patients are usually elderly, surgery is for anyone, including children who suffer from congenital cataract. If it is necessary to operate the two eyes, usually one is operated and a week later, the second one.

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